KFC Combines Pizza & Fried Chicken For It's Latest "Chizza" Creation
Starting Feb. 26, The international hit, Chizza is coming to KFC menus in the U.S for a limited time. It’s not pizza, it’s Chizza: two 100% white meat Extra Crispy™ fried chicken filets topped with zesty marinara sauce, melty mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

Smash or Pass? KFC Combines Pizza & Fried Chicken For It’s Latest “Chizza” Creation

Pizza and fried chicken enthusiasts, rejoice! 

The ultimate dilemma of choosing between these two delectable dishes is officially a thing of the past, as KFC is set to unleash its latest creation, “Chizza,” nationwide. Picture this: two succulent fried white meat chicken filets generously smothered in marinara sauce, adorned with gooey mozzarella, and topped off with zesty pepperoni – a culinary masterpiece in every bite perfect for the fast foodies of the world. KFC announced its latest menu item on Wednesday via Twitter. 

While this may be new to U.S. customers, Chizza has been around for a few years. Originally unveiled in the Philippines in 2015, the Chizza has since embarked on a global journey, making its mark in Germany, Mexico, and beyond. New Yorkers will be the first to try the Chizza on Friday when KFC introduces an exclusive “Chizzeria” pop-up shop at 242 E 14th Street from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

For those not in the NYC area, the Chizza will make its way to locations nationwide on Monday, February 26th. Hungry Chizza seekers can opt for the solo pizza-chicken experience or as a combo meal with fries and a drink. It’s unclear if this is a limited edition item, so those eager to try the Chizza should act quickly.

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