Khia Calls Out QC’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas And The City Girls For Sampling “My Neck, My Back” Without Paying Her, Pee Provides Receipts To The Contrary

These days, Khia is more popular for being a Youtube sensation and many younger hip hop fans may not have realized the debut single “F*ck Dat Nigga” by the City Girls used a sample of Khia’s biggest hit from 2002 “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”. According to Khia, she hasn’t gotten paid for her contribution to the rapper duo’s song and she fired shots at not only the City Girls but also their management, Pee of Quality Control.

In a since deleted post, Khia went off on Pee stating he let the City Girls sample her song without permission or pay. She said, “Pee…You know I’m mad at you because…you let those dirty-ass City Girls sample my sh*t and you didn’t pay me while you act like you got so much muthafuckin’ money.” Then she gets personal, bringing up Pee’s current baby mama situation and insulting #YungMiami and #JT, who is still incarcerated.


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Thomas responded in a professional tone via Instagram and stated that all payments and clearances were completed prior to the release of “F*ck Dat Nigga.” In fact, he provided ample receipts to prove it, including screenshots of confirmation emails, checks and legal documents. 

His caption said, “Khia, thanks for listening to City Girls. I just want to let you know we cleared ‘My Neck, My Back’ with E1 who owns the master and Memory Lane and Third Side Music on the publishing. I suggest you reach out to your publisher regarding the clearance. We have the agreements for the use and everyone was paid. You definitely set the pace with your monumental track. Keep blasting the City Girls.”

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