Khloe Kardashian Flies To Cleveland To Support Baby Daddy, Tristan Thompson, Source Says The Two Are “Still Working On Things”

Another day, another new decision in the undefined relationship between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

Just days after sources said Khloe seemed “very much” over her baby daddy and happy in Los Angeles with family, the youngest sister of the Kardashian family tree teased her return to Cleveland with a picture of “Welcome Home” balloons, accompanied by the caption, “Thank you baby.”

Shortly after that, the reality star was spotted at Thompson’s basketball game in The Land, sparking rumors of a reconciliation. However, according to Entertainment Tonight, the signs and recent sighting does not mean the two are back on. 

“Khloe and Tristan are still working on things, but know whatever they decide to do moving forward, it will be whatever is best for their daughter, True,” a source told the publication. “Khloe isn’t certain how long she will be in Cleveland and may fly back for her mom, Kris [Jenner’s], birthday next week, but isn’t sure. A lot is dependent on how things go with her and Tristan.” 

“While those closest to her have discussed the chance Tristan is cheating again, Khloe just laughs it off,” the source continued. “[She] says, ‘Those people are crazy.’”

Although the two are still working things out, sources said earlier this month that the reality star is “so incredibly happy” with Tristan as a father, and with that, she’s still very much interested in building a life with “the man she loves.” 

“Khloe comes from a big family and she is not going to ruin that fantasy of building a life with the man she loves,” the source said, at the time. “It’s not even a conversation —she won’t talk about it with anyone. Her sisters and friends, of course, have brought it up because they truly worry history will repeat itself and she could end up devastated like she did with [ex-husband] Lamar [Odom], but for now, she is standing by her man. Everyone who tries to bring it up with her, the response is always that she loves him, and ‘We are all good.” 

Should Khloe Kardashian try to make it work with Tristan Thompson for their daughter, or is she better of co-parenting with Thompson for the sake of her peace of mind?

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