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Khloe Kardashian Shares Tips On How To Keep That P*ssy Poppin!

Khloe Kardashian knows that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and now she’s sharing some tips on how you can maintain a “happy vagina.” Warning: Your OBGYN won’t agree with half of them.


1. Get Regular Vajacials (Vagina Facials) – A Vajacial does for the vagina what a facial does for the face. The 50-minute procedure is designed to soothe and beautify the area. It’s typically recommended after a Brazilian wax and includes cleansing the area, extracting ingrown hairs with tweezers, moisturizing the vagina, and covering the area with a papaya enzyme mask.


2. Get A Fitness Tracker For Your Vagina – Do you often forget to do your daily kegel exercises? There are apps for that. Kegel exercises can help you prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems. It will also help keep you right and tight. If you keep procrastinating on your kegel exercises, there are apps, devices, and various products to jumpstart your progress. Consider things like yoni eggs, Ben Wa balls, the Elvie, and the KGoal Smart Kegel Trainer to start.


3. Khloe’s Wipes & Washes – Besides her regular Vajacials, Khloe likes to keep beauty products on hand, specifically for her vagina. They include flushable cleansing wipes, Medicine Mama’s VMagic Cream, Shaveworks’ The Cool Fix Lotion, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Probiotic, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash for Sensitive Skin. According to Khloe, these items keep her kitty “feeling fresh and looking $.”


On a side note, I was always told it’s not best to use all of these products on your lady areas, as vaginas are delicate and‘self-cleaning,’ so using these scented products can mess with your pH balance. Khloe isn’t a Gynecologist, and neither am I, so consult your doctor before you try any products in Khloe’s Pretty Kitty Tool Box.


Some gynecologists argue that doing TOO MUCH vaginal grooming can actually be harmful. “What makes the vulva ‘age’ faster is either over cleansing, removing pubic hair, or a skin condition,” says Dr. Jen Gunter, a board-certified gynecologist in the US and Canada. “When you wash you strip away natural oils. These act like humectants (i.e. keep moisture in), so removing them makes you feel dry.”


She also says beware of wipes.


“Never use baby wipes or hygiene sprays or douches or feminine wipes. EVER,’ Dr. Gunter says. These will strip oils and possibly change your bacterial colonization from good to bad.”




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