Khloe Kardashian Talks About Lamar Odom’s Overdose And Explains Why She “Paused The Divorce”

Khloe Kardashian opened up to top celebrity divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, on Wasser’s podcast “Divorce Sucks With Laura Wasser,” and recalled her whirlwind marriage to Lamar Odom exactly one month after they met in 2009. She also discussed their tumultuous split all while Lamar was facing serious drug problems, including a near fatal overdose.

According to ENews, Khloe and Laura (who was Khloe’s attorney for the divorce) recalled the details surrounding Khloe‘s decision to “pause the divorce”.

“He OD’ed during the divorce and I was his next of kin, even though it was still, the divorce was still—it was on the judge’s desk,” Khloe recalled.

Laura also shared a story of begging a court clerk to withdraw the divorce paperwork before it was officially finalized so that Khloe could act as Lamar’s next of kin during that critical time.

“And then we paused the divorce, not for any romantic reasons but I wanted to be able to help take care of him and make sure that he would be okay again,” Khloe continued.

Khloe went on to share that when Lamar emerged from his coma his first words to her were “hey babe,” leaving Khloe to fear that Lamar may have had memory loss (forgetting they were separated) and then he went right back to sleep.

“I was like, oh god. What year does he think this is? I remember I was like, oh no. What did I do?! Because I was like, does he know?” Khloe shared. “And then he went right back to sleep because he was in a coma, woke up, saw me and I might’ve put him back into a coma I don’t know, he probably was terrified.”

Khloe helped Lamar through his recovery and still cares deeply for him but she admitted that the relationship ended the way it was meant to (their divorce was ultimately finalized in December of 2016).

You can listen to the full conversation on the “Divorce Sucks With Laura Wasser” Podcast when it premieres Monday.

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