Khloe Kardashian Hits Tristan Thompson’s Paternity Accuser With Cease and Desist For Posting Fake DMs

Khloe Kardashian is sick of being harassed by a woman who claims Tristan Thompson is her baby daddy, and she’s threatening to sue if the woman doesn’t stop.

Lynda Goldman, Khloe’s lawyer, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Kimberly Alexander, Tristan’s paternity accuser, for chastising her for recently admitting to writing fake DMs from Khloe.

According to the legal threat acquired by TMZ, “You put words in her mouth that she never said and that she wouldn’t say. You faked the whole thing. And you have now publicly admitted it.”

According to Goldman, Alexander’s kid was 7 years old when she asked Thompson for a paternity test, which he took twice, and results showed that he was not the father.

Alexander’s previous allegations that the lab that performed the test was a “Kardashian affiliated facility” were also addressed by Goldman, who says, “It is no such thing. It is one of the most reputable labs in the country, and your own lawyers approved it and accepted the test results.”

Goldman claims that Alexander continues to harass Khloe because she refuses to accept the paternity test results.

Khloe is threatening Alexander with a lawsuit if she continues to defame or harass her on social media and elsewhere.

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