The 'Kia Boyz' Viral Car Theft Trend Has Now Made Its Way Down to Atlanta

The ‘Kia Boyz’ Viral Car Theft Trend Has Now Made Its Way Down to Atlanta

Cars across the country have been stolen in connection to a new online trend that’s being led by the “Kia Boyz.”

It’s now become a popular trend around to steal Kias and Hyundais after TikTok videos that show people how to steal the vehicles went viral.

Though the trend started in Milwaukee, it has now been dramatically impacting Atlanta, Georgia, and other places across the country.

In the video, thieves called the “Kia Boyz” instruct viewers about the flaws within some Kias and Hyundais that make them easier to break down and steal.

So far, several thieves have been arrested, but people around the world are being hit hard by the Kia Boyz trend.

“My best friend came into the house and told me my car wasn’t outside,” said Charlie King in an interview with WSB-TV. King had his Kia stolen from a parking lot in Buckhead. “So, for me, I’m thinking my best friend is joking around.”

In the meantime, police are suggesting Kia and Hyundai owners invest in a steering wheel lock. But victims say that’s not enough, and carmakers need to get involved. “Y’all can’t put a recall on a car to get fixed for your customers that’s paying this amount of money for your cars,” asked King, WSB-TV reports.

Channel 2 spoke with Kia, who said its cars meet all federal safety standards and that it would provide free steering wheel locks to police departments to hand out to the community. Hyundai says it will be rolling out security kits for its cars next month, but owners will have to pay for them.



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