Kid Rock Says “F*ck Oprah Winfrey” And Drunkenly Blasts Other TV Hosts

KidRock drunkenly lashed out at Oprah Winfrey, as well as other TV hosts. However, Rock says the outburst doesn’t make him racist.

Last week, the rocker visited his own bar Honky Tonk in Nashville, and while there, he got extremely drunk and angrily called out Winfrey, saying “F*ck Oprah,” as well as other vulgarities. In the video, you can hear the 48-year-old say,  “I’m not a bad guy,” as someone laughs in the audience. “I’m just an honest guy that said, ‘Hey, I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar.'”

“Sorry, mom,” he added, after dissing the hosts and yelling obscenities. “They’re like, ‘Hey, you’re fucking racist.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re fucking weird.’ You call your people, I’ll call mine.” You can also hear people from the audience call him racist and affirm that he is “blacked out drunk.” The video ends with security pulling him from the stage after he stumbles off.

Rock has previously stated his disdain for Winfrey but has yet revealed his reason behind it. Rock said that just because he isn’t a fan of Winfrey, that doesn’t make him racist.

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