Number Of Teenagers Who "Don't Enjoy Life" Has Increased Thanks to Social Media, Study Suggests

Kids 13 and Under Face Social Media Ban With New Bipartisan Senate Bill

On Wednesday, a new bipartisan bill was launched with the goal of safeguarding children from the risks associated with social media.

The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act bans kids under 13 from using social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It would also require those ages 13 to 17 to get their parent’s permission before joining the social platforms.

According to a CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey, in 2021, 57% of high school girls and 29% of high school boys felt persistently sad or hopeless, with 22% of all high school students reportedly considered suicide in the preceding year.

“We are now more than a decade into the largest epidemic of teen mental illness on record, and we do know what’s driving it,” said Senator Brian Schatz.

If approved, this would be the first time in the US that a minimum age requirement was set and parental consent would be required from big tech companies.

Senator Chris Murphy said, “Parents want and deserve tools to help keep their kids safe online.”

During a news conference on Wednesday, Murphy said, “I have seen both of my children be subjected to these algorithms that are intent on addicting them to their screens and pulling them away from much more fulfilling and meaningful connection.”

Dr. Jennifer Schwab at Rocky Hill Pediatrics told News 8, “We know that these social media platforms actually created algorithms to give them more of what they want to draw them in with this dopamine hit – very similar to adults with alcohol or nicotine.”

The objective of establishing social media safeguards is straightforward, but the specifics of the proposal are still being worked out.

“This bill gives parents the ability to decide with their children when is the right time to step into this world,” Murphy said.

Lawmakers have not yet introduced the proposal to major social media corporations, but they expect opposition.



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