”Kidz Bop Karen” Speaks Out After Road Rage Outburst Goes Viral; Passenger Shares Her Side

“Kidz Bop Karen” is the name the internet gave a mom who went viral for an extreme road rage incident where she hilariously stated, “My kids can’t hear me calling you a b—-, they can’t hear me because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.”

Kidz Bop Karen’s initial video and memes have been floating around social media for days now. The infamous woman was seen getting out of her car and going crazy on a Lyft driver and his passenger who recorded the incident after they cut her off in New York City traffic.

The passenger, 29-year-old Chelsea Klein says she recorded the video due to the nature of the world we live in.

“You never know what’s going to happen; the world is a scary place,” she said to AOL. “I wanted to make sure if something happened, I had it on camera.”

According to reports, Kidz Bop Karen went so far as finding Klein on the internet and messaging her with insults on Instagram that read, “She looks 30 pounds lighter in her feed. Also, her complexion is better. She should have these filters on her in real life.”

While the family of Kidz Bop Karen has since reached out to apologize to Klein, “Karen” emailed asking for royalties after the video grew to viral levels, according to The Washington Post.

“Any money you make promoting my likeness is due to me,” “Karen,” wrote in an email. “I’m happy for your 15 minutes of fame. It has come at zero cost to you; I’m not sure why you feel a need to expose me or demean me.”

In an interview with TMZ, the mother who chooses to remain unidentified says she deserves the online mockery after the event. However, the only thing she claims to be bothered by are the people labeling her a Republican.

Kidz Bop Karen said people have been attacking her with comments saying she showed a clear case of white privilege, which she agreed, acknowledging how things could have played out differently if she had been a minority. But the worst insult was being called a GOP supporter.

According to TMZ, she said she appreciates the negative feedback stating it’s fair due to her behavior. And At this point, Kidz Bop Karen says she wants to apologize to the driver and has no issue with the woman who filmed the video.

And for those curious, she informed the publication her kids were listening to a Kidz Bop version of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

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