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Kim Kardashian Reveals SKIMS x Fendi Collab

Kim Kardashian West revealed Monday that her SKIMS line is joining forces with luxury brand Fendi for a special collaboration.

The SKIMS x Fendi ready-to-wear collection will be available for purchase on Nov. 9.

The collection is set to include form-fitting dresses and tops that start at $950, leggings retailing at $1,100, a $2,950 puffer jacket, swimsuits, and a leather wrap dress in eight shades selling for $4,200. In addition to the new items, SKIMS shapewear, underwear, and hosiery will also get a Fendi revamp with its printed logo.

According to Kim, the opportunity came along because of her friendship with Fendi’s artistic director Kim Jones.

Jones reportedly told Kim that the woman in the office loved her garments, so she “sent him a bunch.” The collaboration has since been in the works as of December last year. In March, they met in Mexico for fitting sessions, she said, “I really like to be a fit model … I need to feel it,” she explains. “I probably do so much more work than people assume, that might not even be necessary at this point. But I do it.”

On Nov. 1, Kim will be recognized at this year’s annual Innovator Awards for the success of her company being valued at 1.6 Billion dollars.


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