Kim Kardashian Sues Fashion Company For Appropriating Her Style

Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against a fashion company for profiting off her fashion style.

The socialite is taking fashion company  Missguided USA to court after the online retailer repeatedly created and sold items similar to ones Kardashian wore. Additionally, Kardashian is suing the company for using her name and image without permission to advertise their own “knock-off” designs.

The 38-year-old most recently made a post about fashion company and brand, #FashionNova, for ripping off her vintage Mugler “boob belt” dress. Fashion Nova, however, did not use Kardashian’s likeness for profit. Kardashian called the company’s actions “devastating.”

The social media starlet is requesting a judge for an injunction to immediately stop Missguided from using her image. She is seeking $10 million in damages.

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