Kim Kardashian-West Says Van Jones Is “The Best Mentor” And Calls Him “The Hope That So Many People Need”

In a new issue of Variety magazine Kim Kardashian West expressed how Van Jones is greatly influencing our culture as a trailblazer and political figure.

Variety’s The New Power of New York List 2018 includes several celebrities from all fields of work who contributed greatly to our society through their craft. The list includes rappers, journalists, TV personalities and more. Some of the names listed are Cardi B, John Krasinski, and Mona Scott Young. But for Kardashian West, VanJones is the hero this culture has been waiting for. In her excerpt, she described Jones as “hope.”

“I’m honored to call Van Jones both a friend and a mentor. His commitment to helping those in need is something every person — regardless of their view — can admire. It’s undeniable the way his show sheds a light on so many social issues that desperately need visibility. And as founder of The Dream Corps, Van creates opportunities for people who have been wronged by our flawed justice system.”

She added, “Van and I connected because I was so drawn to all of his selfless work. He empowers people to use their platforms for good and works very hard to make sure those who don’t have a voice are heard. After discussing prison reform on his show, I saw firsthand just how many people are in awe of his work. Van is the hope that so many people need.”

The social media star went on to discuss their commitment to freeing Alice Marie Johnson. “Van and I had both been involved in Alice Marie Johnson’s case — and while her freedom was a major win, there are so many other unfairly incarcerated people who need to have their voices heard. The world needs more people like Van, who’s so incredibly devoted to his social work each and every day.”

Kardashian-West ended her tribute saying Van is the best mentor she could ask for. “Recently, we traveled to Washington, D.C., a second time to speak to the president about pardoning others who have been wrongfully convicted. Yet again, it was so apparent how committed Van is to the fight for people who don’t have the resources to speak up for themselves. I’m so glad to be on this journey alongside him, and I simply couldn’t ask for a better friend and mentor.”

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