Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Line “SKKN” Receives Cease & Desist Letter; Warns Her To Change The Name

Kim Kardashian may have hit a speed bump along her way to earning more millions. Apparently, she wanted to trademark “SKKN” for her new beauty line, but another company has already claimed it.

Lawyers for Beauty Concepts LLC sent a cease and desist letter to Kardashian’s legal team, saying since July 2017, it has provided salon and skincare services under the name SKNN+, which Cydnie Lunsford owns.

The company also operates a website and social media platforms that use the same block letters, TMZ reported. Beauty Concepts also claims it submitted its application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the logo in March.

Beauty Concepts supported their claims by citing the considerable time, effort, and money they have invested in developing and marketing SKKN+ services over the past three years.

The company says Kim’s use of the name would create confusion in the marketplace.

Kim’s attorney, Michael G. Rhodes, told TMZ, “We certainly appreciate and support small businesses, and our hat is off to Ms. Lunsford. But the question at hand is one of trademark law, and we’ve not done anything deserving of legal action by her.”

“We are disappointed that she has chosen to run to the media knowing that we were scheduling a call for tomorrow, requested by her attorney. So while disagreeing with the letter, we’re hopeful that we can smooth things over once both sides speak.”

Beauty Concepts legal letter also claimed the Kardashian mogul “ does little to differentiate the brands” and that her trademark application for “SKKN” is a ripoff of their moniker.

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