Kirk Franklin’s Secret To A Long Term Relationship: ‘Breasts And Booty Don’t Make A Blessing’

Kirk Franklin stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new podcast, “Good Words With Kirk Franklin,” and dropped some serious relationship gems throughout the conversation. 

What does Franklin say is the best secret to a long-term relationship?

“You’ve got to marry the homie. You got to the marry the homie,” Franklin said. “Sometimes, as men, it’s all the physical attributes that we chase after and that don’t make a happy home. Breasts and booty don’t make a blessing.” 

When Charlamagne asked Franklin to repeat it, he playfully turned to his keyboard and sang it out, “Breasts and booty don’t make a blessing!”

I don’t think we’ll be hearing that belted out in church anytime soon, but Franklin does have a point. We as people tend to emphasize the physical attributes of a person, especially in the social media age, than on the spiritual connection. 

“The way to a man’s heart is to be able to turn the light on. It’s the fun. It’s the humor,” Franklin added later in the conversation. 

Check out the interview below.

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  1. This is the same buckbroken, tapdancing effeminate buffoon that kissed caveman Billy Graham’s hand. To literal HELL w/Kirk!

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