Kirko Bangz Puts Groupies On Blast For Robbing Him

If you’re going to do the crime, at least be smart enough NOT to pose for pictures. Apparently, while in California for a show, rapper Kirko Bangz somehow met up with two groupies that made off with some money. I’m sure Kirko could make the money back so instead of calling the police he put out an APB on Instagram:




 picture removed because we just don’t care enough to go back and forth with the lawyer. The lawyer cared about her nipple showing and not that fact that she was being accused of stealing $8k …

“Anybody know these hoes? They stole some bread from me in Cali if this ya sister cousin mama or daughter tell her buy ya a burger or something

Ironically enough, over the summer we met Kirko Bangz on the red carpet of the BET Awards in Los Angeles and of course we asked Kirko about his groupie experiences. Here’s what he had to say:

Last but not least a shameless plug because I am actually a fan of Kirko. Check out his video that he dropped yesterday, “Keep It Trill.”

You gotta be more careful Kirk! But at least you got a pic with the girl’s nips out, Priceless! lol

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