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Kiss & Tell: Is It Ever Okay To Tell All

We’ve watched reality shows dive into the deep dark secrets of celebrity lives. We’ve bought the books of women who chronicle their sex-ploits with Ballers and we even welcome groupie tales. People take a different stance on the “Kiss & Tell” subject but as usual, I’m going to give you mine.


Let’s start with the obvious. If you don’t want it to be told, stop kissing. Don’t do things you wouldn’t want anyone to find out. That would be too easy, however. So let’s just say the kissing has been done. Do you take it to your grave? Is it ever okay to tell?


Here are my thoughts. People have to talk. It’s in our nature. It’s why we were designed the way we were, to communicate. I don’t mind spilling tea, but keep in mind there is a such thing as saying too much.  Take for example groupie tales. You guys have absolutely no clue how much editing we do to those things to keep someone from coming up missing and being found in a back alley somewhere. When a person’s livelihood is at stake, things can get real. It amazes me how people like Karrine Steffans and Kat Stacks walked the earth as long as they did without being attacked every time they hit the corner. There are women on Facebook and Twitter that will tell defamatory stories without thinking twice of the consequences. When did this become okay? Take the posts below for example:




Now do I believe this girl? Not the way she tells it. According to Tales of the Groupie variety, Trey Songz gets rave reviews. Not only that, but I doubt she was involved with him to the point where he’s blowing up her phone and she “ignores” him. Trey Songz is hardly pressed for chicks. So when did it become cool to put things like this on a public forum. When did we lose our sense of discretion? Now if Trey was to respond to this, he’d be the bad guy but what about the blabber mouth?

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