Kit Kat Cereal Finally Arriving In The U.S. After Making European Debut In March

Kit Kat Cereal Finally Arriving In The U.S. After Making European Debut In March

Kit Kat bars are getting a breakfast remix with an all-new cereal headed to grocers nationwide.

The cereal aisle will get even sweeter this month as the highly anticipated Kit Kat Cereal makes its way to the United States. The candy-inspired cereal debuted in Europe in March to widespread fanfare and for good reason. The crunchy, crispy delicacy is made of small squares that resemble the wafer-covered chocolate sticks. The creamy milk chocolate coating and crunch are reminiscent of wafers, offering an authentic taste of a real Kit Kat bar. General Mills has even gone all out for the Kit Kat Cereal. Even the box is wrapped in the same red seen on the actual candy, with the Kit Kat logo largely printed on the front.

Fans were left disappointed when Nestlé commemorated World Cereal Day (March 7th) with news of the new cereal only being available overseas. Per the press release, the unique selection “maintains the essence of the much-loved original chocolate bar.” Head of marketing at Cereal Partners U.K. & Ireland, Sarah Fordy, also gloated over the breakfast meal at the time of its announcement. In a separate statement, she promised fans that they’d get the same great taste any time they’re looking for an “occasional, indulgent breakfast option.”

Kit Kats are just the latest candy bars to get their own crunchy makeover. Reese’s Puffs has been a long-running contender on the market, capturing the taste of Reese’s Butter Cups in the form of crunchy bite-sized balls. Hershey Kisses Cereal also hit shelves in 2019, though it hasn’t been seen around much lately.

Luckily, U.S. customers will get their chance to experience this in the coming days for just $5.69 at participating grocery stores.

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