Kiyomi Leslie Says Bow Wow’s Abuse Caused Her Miscarriage, Erica Mena Claims The Rapper Once Broke Ciara’s Finger

Two of Bow Wow’s exes have taken to social media accusing him of physical and emotional abuse.

In a slew of tweets, Bow Wow’s recent ex Kiyomi Leslie claimed the Ohio native abused her so badly that she suffered a miscarriage. Previously, the TV personality spoke with Bossip and initially revealed “stress” caused the loss of her child, but now she says it was the result of physical abuse. In the tweets, Leslie wrote: “Bro some ni**as you wish you never got involved with. Lord that ni**a is a corn BALL. He keep telling lies on my name and imma embarrass you, your momma, and everybody you deal with! PROMISE.”

She continued, “I didn’t put my bruises on tv because I don’t have too. The police saw them but when I do put them on the “gram” he gonna have an excuse for how I got them too, huh? LoI if y’all believe that lame a** ni**a didn’t do NOTHING. Y’all need to be in a mental home with him and his momma…Ni**a no one cares that you a celebrity but YOU! Lmao… them police took his a** cuz I “ LESLIE” had bruises as scratches as well. You better keep calm bro. A ni**a get a few scratches on his face and he loss and got beat up? LMAO… man, what y’all wanted me to do? Let the lame beat me up like he did in the past?”

She added that the police have been called on several occasions to break up the alleged fights. “Bet he won’t tell y’all the police been called out more than that one occasion and his family lied & covered for him that time. He beat me while I was pregnant. Punched me in my stomach & all… lost my baby and still covered for the weak a** ni**a. I refuse to let him and his washed up family belittle me and trash my name just because their WEAK A** child/family member wanted to date me. I wish I would turned him down and kept it moving.”

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Leslie mentioned that she is able to provide proof of the abuse and noted that Bow’s mother knows his abusive ways. “When I speak I have receipts… for everything! Don’t PLAY WITH ME ! Play with your fckn children… play in traffic but don’t not play with ME! On YOU,” Leslie said. “His weak ass momma called me sounding all concerned that her son beat me… TERESA KNEW her son beat me numerous times and still got on national television to lie… YOU LUCKY MY MOMMA RAISED ME TO RESPECT WOMEN BECAUSE WHEEEEEW ! Trashhhhh,” she exclaimed.

Following the tweets, fans mentioned Bow’s other ex, Mena, which promoted her to respond. Mena confirmed Leslie’s statements and said Ciara was also a victim of abuse from the 32-year-old. “I’m the tough girl, so my story was never the truth but y’all see how round 4 played out. He broke Ciara finger years ago, so this been going on,” Mena wrote. Bow Wow has yet to respond to the allegations.

Erica Mena and Kimoya Speak Out Against Bow Wow

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