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Adult Film Star Knockout Clears Air Over Misidentified Image in Diddy Lawsuit, Claims It’s Him Not Stevie J

In a recent twist to a legal drama involving Sean “Diddy” Combs, adult film star Knockout has stepped forward to clarify the origins of a controversial image that has been widely shared online. The image in question, which shows two Black men in an intimate encounter, had been mistakenly associated with Stevie J due to its inclusion in a lawsuit filed against Diddy by Rodney Jones. This lawsuit accused Diddy of distributing a sex tape allegedly featuring Stevie J in a compromising position with another man.

Knockout took to Twitter to set the record straight, emphasizing that he is the individual depicted in the viral image, not Stevie J. His statement, “This is not him it’s me y’all really be trying it,” aims to dispel the rumors and speculation that have implicated Stevie J in the narrative. Further supporting his claim, Knockout highlighted that the image is from a well-known adult film he starred in years ago, which has been circulating for some time.

Additionally, Knockout addressed the allegations made in Jones’ lawsuit, particularly the claim that the video was shown at one of Diddy’s parties, which he attended. He firmly denied being present at any such events hosted by Diddy and expressed his displeasure with Jones for leveraging his image to make sensational claims. Knockout also echoed sentiments shared by social media users who noted that the image has been previously used in attempts to tarnish Stevie J’s reputation.

Both Diddy and Stevie J have vehemently denied the accusations brought forth in Jones’ lawsuit. Diddy repudiated the assertion that he used the video to “groom” Jones, while Stevie J dismissed the allegations as false and hinted at taking legal action for being falsely implicated in the controversy.

As the situation unfolds, Rodney Jones has yet to respond to Knockout’s clarification that it is indeed the adult film star in the image, not Stevie J. This development adds a new layer to the case, potentially impacting the direction of legal and public discourse surrounding the lawsuit and the individuals involved.

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