Should Kobe Bryant End His Retirement To Play With LeBron James On The Lakers?

On Monday, LeBron James made his allegiance to the Los Angeles Lakers official, by signing his four-year deal that will pay him $153.3 million.

Now that the ink is dry on LeBron’s contract, some fans are calling on Kobe Bryant to come out of retirement and play with King James. However, for one fan, the dream pairing of the future Hall of Famers teaming up is a big stretch.

On Monday, TMZ Sports caught up with former NBA baller and Bryant’s former teammate, Matt Barnes, who laughed at the idea. “That would be dope,” he said. “I don’t know if it would happen, but it would be dope though.”

Coincidentally, Bryant recently recalled his numerous experiences playing alongside James on the U.S. Olympic teams.

“It’s crazy because we’ve played together on several Olympic teams and have been around each other for All-Star games and things of that nature and have always talked about getting together and working out and doing that sort of stuff, but it never ever really materialized because I have all my stuff going on here in L.A., and he was doing his thing in Cleveland and Miami,” the Laker legend said during an episode of ESPN’s “The Jump.”

“But now, he’s part of the family. Right? So whatever he needs, I got him. When I came here, Magic (Johnson) did the same thing for me. Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) did the same thing for me and all of the other guys. It’s part of a community now. So anything he needs on my end I’m there for him and his family, and it’s all love. I’m really, really excited,” he said.

What are your thoughts? Should Kobe end his retirement to play with LeBron?

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