Kobe Bryant Starts New Body Care Line Called “Art of Sport”

Kobe Bryant is launching his own body care line.

Kobe is all about business and he’s starting his own in the beauty department with his new line called “Art of Sport.” The company will specialize in products like deodorant, soap, body wash and sunscreen which will be geared towards athletes.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver, this is what Kobe had to say about the “Art Of Sport” mission: “We’re speaking to the athlete through our communication and we’re connecting to the spirit of the game. The important thing in building a brand for athletes is making sure the messaging and the story touches on the emotional components and the spirit associated with a great soccer match or basketball game. The product shouldn’t only benefit you from a physical standpoint; there should be an emotional and inspirational benefit too.”

It’s been an 18-month long collaboration between the former Laker and LA-based entrepreneur Matthias Metternich and Brian Lee. “The first [task] was to develop a product that can help the athlete recharge. By that I mean rejuvenate the skin, energize the skin and the senses,” Metternich, the CEO of AOS, describes (H/T Slam). “The next mission was to try and develop products that could help athletes perform. The third was to create products that can protect the athlete. By protect, I don’t just mean environmental conditions that they might face, but also recovery from the grind, recovery from their sport.”

Kobe has received great support from several athletes like #JamesHarden, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver #JuJuSmith-Schuster and Chicago Cubs infielder #JavyBaez.

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