Kobe’s Been Creeping With Kim K’s Homegirl?

It looks like another affiliate of the Kardashians may be behind the break-up of someones family. Meet Carla DiBello. She is a close friend and a producer on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Carla has allegedly been on “very friendly terms” with Kobe for the last 2 years including attending several Laker games. She’s also been linked to a very married Kevin Garnett.



Rumor has it that Vanessa Bryant found out about Carla and made it so that she was not allowed to attend Laker Away games. Carla still attends Home games, but you won’t find her on the court alongside the Kardashian sisters. She’s likely to be in a suite, hiding from the first wives club. None of this stopped Carla from attending the Olympics in China where both Kevin and Kobe played.



Most recently Carla was spotted and Kanye West & Jay Z’s Watch The Throne concert in Los Angeles. The Kardashians were there but so was Kobe. A newly separatedKobe. 



So basically this “respectable young lady” is out here having relations with two married men but is too scared to sit court side so she sits in the press box and travels to the away games. Now she hides behind the Kardashian name to give her permission to be places where she has no business being. Carla is an interesting character. I wonder how she explains being at all of these Laker/Celtics functions.


Carla in China during the Olympics (With Kevin and Kobe)


Carla, Kim K and the back of Kobe’s head




Carla, Kim K, Melody Thorton

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