Kodak Black Explains Viral Clip That Showed Him Grabbing His Mom’s Bottom

Over the weekend, Kodak Black took to his Instagram to address the viral clip of him groping his mother’s butt.

The Florida rapper went live on Instagram to explain the video and stated that they don’t do “no crazy sh*t.”

Kodak starts by talking about his mental health and those into addressing the video. “When I see my mama, homie, I adore her, homie, I kiss her feet, homie, what you talkin’ bout boy…She ain’t trippin’. I don’t give a f**k what you talkin’ bout, n***a… I grabbed my mama because I treat my mama like my lady, n***a. That’s my queen, n***a.”

Kodak also clarifies that he does not take it any farther than that with his mom. “I don’t f**k my mama, we ain’t doin’ no crazy shit. I grab her, like I make her feel real beautiful. I remind my mama, ‘You beautiful, I’m f**ked up bout you ma, I’m in love with you.’”

Earlier this month, a video hit social media that showcased Kodak and his mother getting too close for his fans’ comfort. The video shows Kodak and his mom dancing at an event, but some people were uncomfortable watching the two. Kodak seemingly grabs his moms’ bottom a few times and tries to kiss her in the mouth.

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