Kodak Black Says He Will Pay Tuition For The Children Of Two FBI Agents Killed In The Line Of Duty

Kodak Black is in the mood to help others. The recently released Florida rapper has offered to pay the school expenses of three children who lost a parent earlier this week.

On Friday, Kodak Black and his lawyer Bradford Cohen spoke to a crowded room saying that a letter was sent to Miami’s FBI office in which the rapper said he would cover the cost for the two children of late FBI agent Laura Schwartzenberger and the child of late FBI agent Daniel Alfin.

“He’s always rised to the top in terms of any kind of charities, any kind of giving,” Cohen said to the crowd. “In fact, today.. you know there are two fallen FBI agents in Broward County that had small children. We actually sent a letter over to the FBI director in Miami that Kodak is offering to pay for all three kids’ tuitions going forward.”

On Tuesday, both agents served a search warrant on a suspect accused of child exploitation in Sunrise, Florida. When the agents approached the door, they were fatally shot. Three other agents were injured.

Kodak Black was released from prison after receiving a pardon from Donald Trump.

According to the ReVolt, those that know Kodak, formally known as Bill Kapri, aren’t surprised by his generosity. He’s been known to help his community through food drives during the holidays or literally saving someone in a dire situation.

The FBI has yet responded to Kodak’s offer.

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