Kodak Black Reacts To The Removal Of His Trap Music Museum Installation: “I DIdn’t Give you Permission To Put Me Up There Anyways”

Over the weekend, Kodak Black made headlines for his disrespectful comments toward Lauren London in the wake of the untimely death of her longtime boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle. In the initial video, Black is heard calling London a “whole widow,” as he claimed to be willing to give her a year of “crying and sh*t” before he tried to holla. 

However, the insensitive comment was met with widespread criticism and backlash, as many called for the long overdue cancellation of Black, especially in the wake of looming rape allegations and his recent online harassment of rapper, Young M.A. 

Amid the backlash, several celebrities called out the rapper for his disrespect of the slain L.A. legend, while others followed with action. In fact, Justin Credible from Power 106 in L.A. moved to ban Black’s music from the station, while T.I. addressed him in an Instagram video, telling him to “fix that shit – quickly, expeditiously.” 

In turn, Black offered a partial apology, as he acknowledged the fact that he didn’t think he did anything wrong. “If I disrespected you Lauren London in any shape or form, I’m sorry. Even though I didn’t. And rest in peace to dude.” However, many were still not amused. 

In fact, as tensions loomed over the initial statement, an installation dedicated to the “Project Baby,” himself, was removed from T.I.’s Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. However, according to Black, he couldn’t care less. 

“Fuck all that other sh*t,” Black said in a recently surfaced clip. “Fuck that p*ssy ass museum. Bitch, I didn’t give you permission to put me up there anyways, bitch. Fuck that pussy ass museum.”


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