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Kodak Black Reportedly Attacks Guard In Prison While Intoxicated

Kodak Black, who is currently serving his nearly 4-year sentence in prison, has reportedly attacked a prison guard while “under the influence.”

In court documents obtained by Bossip, the U.S. Attorney’s Office revealed that Black, 22, attacked the officer after he attempted to stop the ‘Roll In Peace’ rapper from having too many inmates lounging around in his cell.

According to the officer, Black became “agitated” and “irate” when he asked the other inmates to leave his cell.

According to the court documents, a fellow inmate tried to hold Black back, but the rapper still broke free and attacked the officer.

The incident was caught in video surveillance, and according to Special Agent Elli Bray via court documentation, who testified to what he witnessed in the footage, Black got “entangled” with the officer. Bray also revealed that Black’s hands were seen near the guard’s head and groin.

Not only did Black attack the officer, but he was also “under the influence” according to three inmates who witnessed the whole incident and tried to calm Black down.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Injuries obtained by the officer were not reported; however, according to Bossip, the feds suggested that Black pay the officer’s medical bills.

The incident at hand took place before Black’s sentencing back in November 2019.

According to Black’s lawyer, another inmate started the whole ordeal, after messing with the rapper over his celebrity status.

Last month, Black filed appeal papers claiming the judge made a mistake during sentencing, using the “wrong sentencing guidelines,” however feds argued that Black was not only prone to violence but continued to encounter countless chargers for rape, drugs, and guns.

While a judge has yet to decide this case, the U.S. Attorney’s Office blasted his attempt at an appeal due to his inability to stay out of trouble, Bossip reports.

Kodak Black Sentenced
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

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