Kodak Black Threatens To Sue Walmart For Selling Fake Chains

Walmart is in hot water with Kodak Black after one of their third-party sellers listed a knockoff of his Sniper Gang chain for sale on their website.

Walmart has denied any responsibility and has placed the blame solely on the third-party retailer.

“We’ve been aware of the situation and have prepared a cease and desist letter to Walmart and the seller on the Walmart website,” Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney told TMZ. “If Walmart refuses to recognize that the seller is not a licensed, authorized dealer of Sniper Gang products, we will be proceeding with a lawsuit against both Walmart and the unauthorized seller.”

Kodak isn’t the only rapper calling out the retail chain for selling knockoffs. Lil Baby tweeted, “Walmart got me fucced up” after seeing a copy of his 4 Pockets Full chain listed for sale on the website.

Kodak Black Threatens to sue walmart
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