Kodak Black’s Lawyers Claim Racial Profiling Led To Rapper’s Firearms Arrest

Kodak Black is still behind bars following allegations that he falsified a gun application. However, his legal team is now under the suspicion that the warrant issued for Kodak’s arrest was only issued because the rapper is a young, black man with money.

Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, is accusing Florida police of racially profiling his client, as he believes there’s something not right about the warrant. Cohen thinks the warrant was only issued after the police went through Kodak’s record without a search warrant, in the first place, according to TMZ.

He reportedly pointed out that the warrant revealed a detective was in the store on the same day Kodak.

However, Cohen believes Kodak was only pursued because he’s a young black man with jewelry and designer clothes. He said that the police solely profiled Kodak and hence, went after him. Now, between the alleged misconduct by the police and the allegations that law enforcement sent pictures of Kodak to the media after his arrest, Cohen is adamant that something isn’t right and he seeks to find justice for his client.

However, Detective George Eugene explained in court docs what prompted the Miami-Dade Police to issue an arrest warrant for the rapper, whose legal name is Bill K. Kapri. In docs obtained by The Blast, police said, “On March 1, 2019 [officer] was at Lou’s Police & Security equipment store, located at 7815 West 4th Ave, Hialeah, Florida, when [officer] observed Mr. Bill K. Kapri at the gun counter. Mr. Kapri was having a conversation with a gun sales clerk.”

The statement continued, “[Officer] observed Mr. Kapri walk over to the sales register holding boxes of ammunition, as the sales clerk walked to the register with an open Sig Sauer box containing a rifle style firearm. As Mr. Kapri paid for the ammunition and a drum style high capacity magazine, he advised an unknown male sales clerk that he would be back to pick up the gun he purchased […] An investigation was later conducted and revealed that Mr. Kapri was attempting to purchase a Sig Sauer Rattler .300 pistol and left a $2000 deposit.”

After continuous digging, Investigators found that Kodak was not legally permitted to buy the firearms, hence Federal and state warrants being issued for the rapper’s arrest. A rep for Kodak said, “He says he observes him handling guns … why is that a crime? Because he’s black and has jewelry on? At that point, he doesn’t even know anything is illegal … It seems like a setup and profiling.”

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