Kris Jenner Lie-Detector Test Triggers Ray J: 'You Have F*cked With The Wrong Black Man' [Video]

Kris Jenner Lie-Detector Test Triggers Ray J: ‘You Have F*cked With The Wrong Black Man’ [Video]

Ray J was clearly triggered by Kris Jenner’s lie-detector test results during her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. The 41-year-old singer spent Saturday night revealing his truth in a series of Instagram Lives, Reels, and posts.

The main point that Ray J was that he did not leak the sex tape featuring himself and Kim Kardashian and that the 66-year-old momager was the one that helped release the video. 

“You have fucked with the wrong person. Period,” Ray J said in a Reel. “You have fucked with the wrong Black person. Period. You done fucked with the wrong Black man.” The reality star ended the real by threatening to pull out receipts, and he sure did pull up with all kinds of receipts.

“John Grogan is a fake. He is not a polygraph examiner. He is quite accurately known as the polygraph parasite,” Ray J wrote in the caption, calling out the lie-detector operator, Jenner, and the network. “THIS IS THE DUDE KRIS JENNER HAD TAKEN HER LIE DETECTOR TEST TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LIAR! AND WHATS MORE SAD IS THE NETWORK ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN!!”

Ray J threatened everyone involved with a lawsuit, claiming defamation. In a follow-up post, the singer doubled down on Grogan, who administered the lie-detector test to Jenner on Corden’s show. The host asked Jenner if she was involved in releasing the sex tape, and she emphatically denied it with a firm “no.” Grogan said Jenner was telling the truth. 

In the post about Grogan, Ray J shared screenshots of a headline reading “2002 Conviction With Over $20,000 In Fines in 2002 By Judge Paul Hogan,” alongside a slide that says “You’ve Got John Grogan On How to Cheat a Polygraph Test.”


Ray J proceeded to go live several times, explaining the entire timeline of events surrounding the sex tape. In a second Live that lasted 44 minutes, the entertainer put the Vivid contracts on a projector screen for all to see. 

During the Live, Ray J claims that Jenner pressured him and Kardashian to sign the contracts, leading to Kardashian forging his signature. He claims that because he was not the one to sign, the Vivid deal would essentially be null and void. 

“If it’s forged, that means the whole contract is void, right?” Ray J asks the camera. “And that means that we all sue everybody.”

He continues, “Now, all I want the judge to do is to see a copy of her contract. ‘Cause her contracts gonna state the same because we signed the same thing and we got the same amount of money. The $5 million dollars you’ll never be able to find because that’s a lie. So whatever happens, I’m just tired of being the one. I’m not a bad guy, and I respect everyone woman out there and their privacy.”

The $5 million he’s referring to was the result of a settlement Kardashian reached with Vivid Entertainment to drop a lawsuit against the company. She sued for invasion of privacy, claiming she never authorized the film’s release. Ray J says this was a false narrative surrounding the tape’s release. 

The singer even gets into his “Forensic Files” bag and pulls up a letter that Kardashian wrote him so he can compare the handwriting. He went a step further by taking the fingerprints from the letter and comparing them to the ones left on the contract.

“Doing my forensic shit, I had her take the fingerprints off the letter she wrote me. Right?!” Ray J said. “Took the fingerprints off the letter she wrote me a long time ago, and it matched exactly to the ones on my contract.

He then flips from the letter to the portion of the contract written by Kardashian, comparing the handwriting. 

Towards the end of the live, Ray J poses the question, “If all this is real, why you didn’t sue me?” Ray J said that the Kardashians and Jenner’s narrative has taken a toll on him to the extent that it almost cost him business. 

“I remember when the company was like ‘we almost sold it, but the buyers… it was the sex tape and how they said they portrayed you in it,” he explains. “‘What you did was why they didn’t wanna do it. Not really the tape; it was what you did to her dog.’”

The singer, who is on vacation in the Dominican Republic, said that while he’s going to chill for now, but he has a lot more receipts to show. 

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