Everybody wants to rap. Seldom know how to tell a story without losing the attention of their audience. Diego Ca$h is one of those individuals who commands attention. His style & swag is in a class all of its own. He’s what you call a mix of southern hospitality infused with a up north tempo. New York born & raised, he took his craft to Atlanta & made it his home. Currently signed & working with Kross Over Entertainment & Block Entertainment one will soon find out why CASH is part of the brand.

Check our exclusive conversation below:

BA: Mr. Cash on behalf the BA community we thank you for this opportunity.

DC: Oh, its no problem, I appreciate yall.

BA: Now, you were born of Puerto Rican parents given that background, what made you dig deep into hip-hop?

DC: I’m Puerto Rican, but I’m what people refer to as Nuyorican,i was born in NY. I’ve always grown up listening to hip-hop. I never rapped to be serious, I was just playing around. Then when i got to high school, a good friend of mine, who’s a producer now said, Come on spit something. We did a song together & as time progressed, that’s how we got to this point right here.

BA: How’ did you link up with Carmelo & Kross Over Entertainment?

DC: Well Me & Melo had mutual friends who ran in the same circle. As time progressed we just always used to be around one another. Somebody approached him one day about starting a label & this & that. So he called me up, said he had something to talk to me about & as time went on, we discussed it further & we moved on; just the two of us. As of now we linked up with Block Entertainment in Atlanta, so Block is over my project as well.

BA: Now both you & Cassidy are signed to Melo’s label as his two premiere artists, do you feel there will be any competition between you two?

DC: Naw, not at all. We’re kinda in different situations, you know what I mean. I’m down here in ATL with Block, we got our own things going on. I’ve been with Melo forever, so there’s no competition, you know what I mean.

BA: So, can you explain the whole Block Entertainment situation.

DC: Block is overseeing my project.

BA: Ok, now you’re album is entitled Language Arts, what’s the premise behind that?

DC: Its sorta like a play on words type of thing. I feel my LANGUAGE is my ART you know what I mean?

BA; Now you’re single, Girls Gone Wild is a catchy track, care to explain it?

DC: That was my street single, a song I did for Atlanta, you know. We’re currently about to shoot the video for my nationwide single What It Is (NUVO) on Monday. Melo gonna fly out, Block Entertainment, La La coming out. Its a real deal video. Girls Gone Wild was just something to rep for the home team, you know.

BA: I took a listen & its a dope track. I came across an interview you had with Vibe, where it said, you despise snap music, given you’re in the heart of Atlanta, what will separate you from those snap happy artists?

DC: Its different, how can I explain it. Outside of ATL, you know snap music is like what I call for the kids. When you come to ATL they play that in the 18 and up clubs. Older folks not listening to that. Its almost like a sub-culture out here. You got people who grew up, lived & never left ATL that don’t rap nothing like that, you know what I’m saying.

BA: So how do you feel about artists like Soulja Boy who’s killing the industry with that type of sound?

DC: I like it honestly. Turn my Swag on, I like it. I won’t say I despise it. I won’t ride around in my car listening to it, but if I’m in the club, & it comes on, you know that shit gonna be jumping. I don’t have a problem with those artists because when it comes on in the clubs, it definitely be jumping.

BA: You’re right, a lot of people kinda hate on his career because he made a name for himself based on that style of music.

DC: This is how I look at it, you get a couple of dollars, you doing your thing, people gonna hate on you.

BA: With Hov making a return soon, he silenced a few individuals with D.O.A. do you agree with it in regards to the current state of hip-hop?

DC: Umm, I don’t think so. You know how people do things just to get people to talking. Just say he never put that song out there, you never would have thought about it. I think that T-Pain & Ron Browz music goes hard, Weezy & Kanye’s shit be hard. I understand some of it might be a little overboard, but for the most part it goes hard & its good music.

BA: Right. Our site is made up of 70% women & the ladies wanna know are you single? What type of chic would you check for?

DC: Now I’m not single right now, I’m with the mother of my child.

BA: Well lets just say if you were single, what type of chic would you be interested in?

DC: In Atl, we like to say jazzy. You ain’t got to be the most fly up in the club, but, I like girls who are well put together; dress nice, you know what I’m saying. I like to go out & get fresh you know, so I’d like my lady to do the same.

BA: You were once known as Berg, why’d the change?

DC: Berg is still my name, but, when it got to the point where I was meeting with executives, I didn’t want them getting confused. Yung Berg reached out to do some songs with me, so there’s no beef or nothing. I just changed for recognition to separate the two.

BA: I understand, not to say Yung Berg is wack, but you did it for clarification purposes.

DC: (laughs) Exactly.

BA: When can expect the release for Language Arts?

DC: Hopefully within the next couple of months. I do have a mixtape out now, called Fly Paper that is available for download.

BA: Well Diego if there’s anything we can do on our end to get that album out, just let us know. It was a pleasure speaking with you.

DC: Oh, for sho. Thanks again.

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