Kroy Biermann Says Sex With Zim Zolciak Isn't Changing His Mind

Kroy Biermann Says Sex With Zim Zolciak Isn’t Changing His Mind About Divorce

Whew, the tea between Kroy Biermann and his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, is piping hot. Yet, despite some steamy revelations, he still wants to end their marriage.

On Tuesday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum filed court documents, asking a judge to dismiss Biermann’s divorce filing. Her reason? According to Zolciak, the two are still getting freaky in their Georgia home, which indicates that there may be some hope. However, later in the day, Biermann shot back in court, making it clear that despite a few sexy moments between the two, the divorce is still on.

In his response obtained by TMZ, Biermann says their being intimate “does not indicate a desire to reconcile.” The former NFL star has been firm in his stance that Zolciak’s ridiculous spending habit and gambling addiction have driven them into financial ruin. Nevertheless, the two are still shacking up in their marital home, which has also been a point of contention for the estranged couple. Zolciak does not want to sell the property, though Biermann does not wish to pay off their many debts, including a $1 million tax bill to the IRS.

Zolciak has hurled her own accusations, claiming the retired athlete smokes marijuana. In June, she even called the police on Biermann, accusing him of going into a rage after believing her friend was trying to abduct their son. He’d threatened to file a kidnapping charge against Zolciak’s friend, but it doesn’t appear that ever happened.

It looks like Zolciak will have to fight a little harder to keep her man.

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