Kwame Brown Goes on Rant About Russell Westbrook Wearing a Dress

Kwame Brown Goes on Rant About Russell Westbrook Wearing a Dress

Former NBA player Kwame Brown went on a rant about Russell Westbrook’s choice of fashion.

In the now-viral video, he raised concerns about the Lakers star’s sexuality, as well as the NBA’s current “celebrity culture.”

While struggling to pronounce Westbrook’s last name, Brown continued on his rant while using racial slurs. 

He said, “There’s two ways you could go. You bite the apple and wear them muthaf***ing dresses like Russell Westbrook or whatever the f**k his name is, I don’t even wanna say his name no more.”

Finally, Brown stressed how “weird” it was for Westbrook to dress in that manner.

He said, “But this ain’t his first time in a dress, so I don’t know why people so alarmed. He’s been wearing dresses and weird a** s**t. … Just cause this n**ga can jump high and play basketball. Not no n**ga I ever grew up and messed around with gonna be walking around in the streets with a dress on and some muthaf***ing boots and keep my respect and say he heterosexual. Now if you gay, cool I don’t give a f**k.  … But when you say you a heterosexual male and that’s what you do, then f**k you and that’s my opinion.”

Recently Brown has become more prominent in recent months, offering commentary on a variety of topics.


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