Kylie Jenner Officially Changes Son's Name From Wolf Jacques To Aire Webster
Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Officially Change Their Son's Name From Wolfe To Aire

Kylie Jenner Reveals Son’s Name & Shares Photos Of Him

Kylie Jenner had her fans waiting months to find out what she and Travis Scott named their 11-month-old son.

Kylie reintroduced their son by sharing pictures on Instagram with the caption: “AIRE 🤍.”

Kris Jenner seemed to confirm the name when she left a comment on the post that reads: “I love you Aire Webster.”

Aire’s name was originally Wolfe, but the couple changed it last March after they said they “really didn’t feel like it was him.”

Kylie, 25, and Travis, 31, welcomed their son last February. The following month, the mother of two broke the news of their decision to change his name. “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere,” Kylie said.

Caitlyn Jenner spoke on the couple’s decision during Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund event, saying, “Those are her decisions to make. I learned a long time ago don’t put your two cents in, I go with whatever they come up with. But now she has Knight, and I like that, with a K, like a knight in shining armor. I like that,” she shared.

“I’ve spent 34 years carpooling. I’ve changed 10 million diapers over my lifespan. It’s so great when you have grandchildren because you just pick them up and hand them back. They got a dirty diaper, it’s yours,” Caitlyn continued.

A source close to Kylie told PEOPLE that Kylie had a “very different” pregnancy with her son compared to her pregnancy with her daughter Stormi, 4.

“After she had Stormi, she bounced back quickly. She was also resting more and took a huge step back by keeping her pregnancy to herself. As a working mom with a toddler, her pregnancy with Wolf was very different. She experienced more stress trying to balance everything,” said the insider.

Adding that Kylie is “surprised that her recovery after Wolf has been more of a struggle” and she “expected it to be easier.”

“She wants to be honest about it though. She has help and is still exhausted,” the source continued. “She has a great support system and is focused on taking care of herself too. She loves being a mom and wants to be the best possible.”

Kylie Jenner Reveals Son’s Name & Shares Photos Of Him

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