Kylie Jenner “Still Hurt” Over Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson Scandal, Woods Spotted With James Harden Coincidental - Baller Alert

Kylie Jenner “Still Hurt” Over Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson Scandal, Woods Spotted With James Harden Coincidental

It’s been four months since Jordyn Woods had besties all over the world giving each other the side-eye after she was discovered to have kissed Tristan Thompson, her best friend’s, sister’s ex. Well, the best friend, Kylie Jenner, isn’t quite over it and an insider told Us Weekly that in the meantime, the young billionaire is embracing her new best friends.

“Kylie keeps those in her intimate circle very close,” a source told the publication before shading Woods. “Kylie’s friends support her by being faithful and trustworthy, which Jordyn proved not to be. Kylie is still very hurt and disappointed by Jordyn’s actions and her decision making. It completely shattered Kylie for a bit and left her feeling very conflicted.”

The source said Jenner’s family has also played a large part in the tightening of her close circle, sharing that they “reminded her that loyalty and family are everything and once you cross those boundaries and hurt loved ones, it’s hard to turn back.”

“Her family and closest friends have definitely been there to support her through everything and her great family life, and booming business is amazing right now,” the insider continued. “It is all that she could ask for at this time.”

Meanwhile, Jordyn has been living her best life post-scandal and has been making appearances all over the world. Her most recent spotting at Belle Station in Houston, TX did raise a few eyebrows though, as she was spotted dancing in front of #JamesHarden.

Sources close to Jordyn say the two didn’t make plans to party together in Houston, it was a coincidence how they came together. The Jordyn sources say she had been working in New Orleans and decided to make a quick trip to Texas to hang out with some friends. They ended up in a VIP section at Belle Station, which happened to be next to Harden and his crew.

Jordyn reportedly didn’t arrive nor leave with Harden and spent very little time with him. She was merely “having a good time.”

Kylie Talks Bestie Jordyn
Jordyn Woods; Instagram

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