Kylie Jenner Sued By Former Beauty Partner For Potentially Giving Away Their Beauty Secrets

Kylie Jenner’s beauty company is at the center of a messy lawsuit, TMZ reports.

Seed Beauty, the company which Kylie has partnered with since 2016 to help develop her line of products, is suing her beauty brand, King Kylie. According to Seed, they claim that they’ve helped Kylie skyrocket into the billionaire that she is today by sharing with her their valuable recipe to success in the beauty business. Now they claim their many trade secrets will wind up in the hands of Coty, one of their biggest competitors following Kylie’s recent partnership with the beauty powerhouse. In the Coty deal, Kylie surrendered the majority stake in her company in exchange for $600 million.

Seed claims Kylie’s company failed to assure Seed that it wouldn’t spill their tea, therefore forcing them to take legal action. They are asking a judge to block Kylie and Coty from using the trade secrets.

Coincidentally, this lawsuit follows a similar one that Seed filed against Kim Kardashian’s beauty company last week just days before she landed her own deal Coty, which also pushed her close to billionaire status.

Kylie Jenner Sued

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