Kyrie Irving Addresses Flipping Off Hecklers at Celtics Game: "I'm Ready to Give the Same Energy Back to Them" [Video]

Kyrie Irving Addresses Flipping Off Hecklers at Celtics Game: “I’m Ready to Give the Same Energy Back to Them” [Video]

Kyrie Irving left the Boston Celtics on a sour note in 2019 to go to the Brooklyn Nets to be closer to his hometown, New Jersey.

Though his reason for leaving was understanding, Boston fans have a hard time letting Irving live it down. The fans are constantly antagonizing Kyrie whenever he’s on their home turf.

And this time, the epic battle between Boston fans and Kyrie took a turn for the worst during Game 1 of the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Boston Celtics.

In the video, Kyrie pulls off a quick shot and turns around while running back to the opposite side of the court and flicks off a fan.

Boston fans hold a grudge against the point guard player because of how he left Boston. After reassuring fans he would return the following season, he actually went to Brooklyn Nets, the team that the Celtics faced off with for the Eastern conference in 2018. Soon after, he was departing from Boston and going to the Nets.


In this video, Kyrie tells a heckler to “suck my d***.” Kyrie addresses why he interacted with hecklers saying he’s “going to have the same energy.”

He says, “When people start yelling p*ssy and b*tch and f*ck you, there’s only so much you can take as a competitor…Nah f*ck that, that’s the playoffs, it is what it is,” he said. “I know what to expect in here and I’m ready to give the same energy back to them.”

In another part of the video, he says that he didn’t want to focus on the fans; instead, “ask me about the game.” He also says “embrace it,” referring to the fan’s hostility.


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