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Kyrie Irving Donates $50K to Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Activist

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving makes a statement on and off the court, this time around the point guard stepped in to help a major crisis.

Irving made a generous donation of $50,000 to Flint Michigan water crisis activist Mari Copeny.

The “Little Miss Flint Clean Water Fund” has generated 23,000 donations, totaling $807,800.

The goal is to reach $1 million, Sports Illustrated reported.

“Through my previous water donation campaigns, I was able to donate over ONE MILLION bottles of water to families impacted by the Flint Lead Crisis,” Copeny writes in her GoFundMe post. “My community needed water they could trust and bottled water was the only resource for drinking water that many in my community trusted. For my new donation campaign, my team has partnered with a socially-responsible water filtration company, which will allow us to maximize the impact of donated funds and eliminate the single-use plastic waste that is associated with bottled water.”

Irving is known for his humanity, which he doesn’t shed enough light on. Still, his efforts to make a positive change don’t go unnoticed.

“I am grateful every day that GOD put me through all of those tests over the past few years. I was called everything under the sun, as I attempted to bring light to the atrocities/tragedies happening around the World,” the NBA star tweeted. “I still have more work to do.”

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