L.A. Considering Renaming Woodrow Wilson Drive Due to Wilson’s Racist Presidency

Los Angeles is stepping up to do their part to eradicate racism by proposing that a street named after President Woodrow Wilson be renamed in lieu of his discriminatory past.

On Tuesday, L.A. City councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and Curren Price Jr. introduced a motion requesting a policy for the removal of art pieces and for a process of renaming city buildings, facilities, and streets if the current name is tied to a racist past. The motion was also supported by councilmen Herb Wesson and David Ryu, whose jurisdiction includes Woodrow Wilson Drive.

Wilson’s presidency was riddled with racism and oppression. His problematic term included segregating federal workers in D.C., blocking proposals on racial equality, and hosting screenings of the notably racist 1915 film, “Birth of a Nation,” at the White House. He is also said to have approved of racial segregation in the south as a means of maintaining order.

Recently, Wilson’s name was also removed from Princeton University’s School of Public Health and International Affairs due to the racism that he displayed during his presidency.

The city council is now in recess until August. So having the street name changed may take some time. Nevertheless, it’s a great start to holding past politicians and their supporters accountable.

Woodrow WIlson Drive

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