L.A. Metro Authority Proposes "Congestion Pricing" To Tackle High Traffic

L.A. Metro Authority Proposes “Congestion Pricing” To Tackle High Traffic

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority is considering new ideas to combat traffic congestion.

The Traffic Reduction Study conducted by Metro is investigating an innovative approach that has demonstrated success in other major cities like London, Stockholm, and Singapore. 2020 the study commenced by conducting listening sessions involving elected officials, local government agencies, community representatives, and individuals who commute within LA County.

In 2021, Metro introduced preliminary concept areas to the public and initiated the initial evaluation process.

The program’s objective is to effectively diminish traffic, mitigate air and climate pollution, and promote greater utilization of public transportation. However, critics contend that it unfairly burdens lower-income residents and creates congestion on surface streets.

Metro intends to actively involve stakeholders and communities in ongoing dialogues to gather insights for the study. In addition, Metro wants to shape the potential design of a pilot program within LA County.

Nevertheless, officials will present the feasibility study and subsequent actions to the Metro Board for evaluation in late 2023. The study will propose advancing a particular environmental study concept, examining state legislation and continuous public engagement. Currently, limited information is available regarding pricing, technology, and projected revenue.

If the “congestion pricing” is approved, the program will take effect in 2028 between Santa Monica and downtown LA.

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