L.A. Sheriff Department Launch Investigation Into Claims That Gruesome Kobe Bryant Crash Photos May Have Been Shared By Deputies

NBA legend Kobe Bryant, along with eight others, were killed in a horrific helicopter crash on January 26th, and now, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is looking into allegations that at least one deputy shared the gruesome crash site photos with others.

Authorities confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter!that cell phone pictures from the crash site were allegedly shared both within the department and at least once to someone outside of it.

One unnamed source confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that he had viewed a graphic photo on another official’s phone in a setting that he said had nothing to do with the investigation of the crash scene.

While the Sheriff’s department did confirm that an investigation was ongoing, they did decline to address any specifics about the allegations.

However, law enforcement sources told TMZ that a trainee showed the pictures in an attempt to impress a girl at a bar, and the bartender overheard the conversation. The incident is under investigation.

Bryant, along with his teenage daughter Gigi and seven others, were tragically killed in the crash, and the world continues to mourn. Our condolences to the family.

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