L.A. Sheriffs Caught On Camera Beating Compton Man

A video has surfaced, showing three Los Angeles Sheriffs beating on a Compton man before being checked by an onlooker.

The video, which went viral on Twitter, was shot earlier this week and shows the officers wrestle an unnamed man to the ground. The whole incident is partially obscured by a wall, but whoever was recording managed to get a clear view of the assault.

The man, who was resisting originally, quickly begins to cooperate and can be seen lying on the ground, yelling, “I’m on the ground!” Once the officers get the man to the ground, one of the officers appears to look around and make sure the coast was clear, and they begin to knee and punch the man.

Thankfully an onlooker calls out to the officers and asks, “why ya’ll beating him?” The officers immediately stop what they are doing and continue the arrest.

TMZ reports that LASD has confirmed to them that the officers are indeed sheriffs, and there is an investigation underway. If any misconduct is found, a personnel complaint will be filed.

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