Ladies: 5 Ways You Try Too Hard By Tommie Collins

1) Dressing like a slut– dressing like a video hoe or a downtownhooker isn’t gonna make a man want to wife you. It isn’t gonna make aman want to get to know you. It’s gonna make a man wanna have sex withyou real hard for 10 minutes, take some nude camera phone pics of you,and that’s it. Sexiness comes from within. (A phat ass doesn’t hurt,but it mostly comes from the way you carry yourself) Ain’t nothingwrong with your little black dresses ladies, but when you startdressing like you are working a car show, or like you are gonna be inthe next T.I. Video, that’s when you lose.

2) Being insecure- Look, it’s not my fault that your last boyfriendhad sex with your best friend, your cousin, and your co worker behindyour back. I wish that had never happened, and I’m sorry you had to gothrough that. But please don’t try so hard to protect yourself fromfuture heartbreaks that you miss out on a good thing! Trying to keeptabs on your man like a human GPS system, going through his phone, andnot trusting him will do more damage than good, trust me. And pleasestop stalking the Facebook and Myspace profiles of every woman thatwrites on his wall or leaves him a comment, your starting to scare me.

3) Being an attention whore- If you have to FORCE someone to noticeyou, that’s a problem in itself. You don’t have to frisk around, or bethe loudest thing in the room to gain a man’s attention, so sit yourass down somewhere and just be yourself. I blame Paris Hilton and theentire MTV & VH1 for the increase in attention whorage in the past 3years.

4) Trying to prove that you don’t NEED a man- Look Sista Soulja, Iunderstand that you are independent, and can take care of yourself.But all the standoff-ish, confrontational, bitter antics are notattractive. You say “men ain’t sh*t,” and that all the good men areeither taken or gay. The truth is, you just haven’t come across a manwho you “click” with yet. Just because you haven’t yet met the rightone for you, doesn’t mean that the entire male gender isn’t worth adamn. Have some patience, and get your mind right for when you DO findmister right. Cut that bitter ish out, before you end up like that oldlady in your neighborhood that doesn’t do anything but mind everybodyelse’s business because she doesn’t have any of her own.

5) Have some patience- Stop turning every guy you meet into a futuremarriage candidate. Go wit the flow and let things work out on theirown, you scare men off when you start making future plans on yoursecond date. Don’t put the full court press on a dude too quickly, anddon’t start thinking of baby names after ya’ll have only gone out afew times. Let him chase you for a while, we like that sh*t, causelike Pac said, “I don’t want it if it’s that easy…”

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