Ladies, Lets Admit It….We All Have Daddy Issues!


Allow me to introduce another side to the “Daddy Issues” coin. Ladies, do you find yourself dating men who are like your father or going for the man that treats you like your father treated your mother, whether good or bad? Some say it’s a myth, some say it’s in our DNA. I don’t know if their is a rhyme or reason for it but it happens. 


Let’s take for example the girl that grows up in a two parent home, Father is the man of the house, and provider of the house hold. Most women who come from a household like this have a tendency to be used to a certain way of living. They likely are used to having a father provide for them and protect them and search for men who can do the same. If a man can’t provide, she’s likely to find herself on to the next one and without shame.


Now lets take the girl who grew up fatherless…Does she continue to search for Mr. Perfect until she finds herself single for the rest of her life? Does she settle for any guy that gives her attention because she lacked that male attention growing up or does she fight the odds and stereotypes  and find herself a good man that could bee what her daddy wasn’t for her?


Point is, everyone has Daddy issues. Ideally, if your father treated your mother right, you want that for yourself and will less likely settle for less. If your father treated your mother poorly you don’t want that same outcome, but in some cases find it hard to get away from those situations because your mother wasn’t the greatest example. Dad’s are important and how mothers interact with Dad is just as important. So I’m going to offer this little bit of advice, to save our future generation from the Montana Fishburne’s of the world, lets watch how we treat the fathers of our children, who we allow to be fathers of our children and who our children call their fathers. Can we agree?



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