Lamar Odom Slams Child Support Lawsuit, “My Children Are Adults”

Lamar Odom has responded to a child support lawsuit filed by the mother of his children.

Liza Morales, who shares two children with Odom, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court. She claims that Odom stopped paying child support last June and has continuously violated their 2015 agreement for the previous six years. Morales claims that she is facing eviction because the retired NBA pro has failed to pay child support.

Odom took to Instagram to deny Morales claims.

“I have taken care of Liza and my children their entire lives. My children are adults. I have paid child support for CHILDREN on time monthly for the past 18 years. My CHILDREN are ADULTS,” Odom wrote in the lengthy caption.

According to their custody arrangement, Odom is required to pay nearly $6,000 a month in child support, the children’s college fees, and a premium for a $9 million life insurance plan. However, Morales alleges that he’s been delinquent.

Odom amassed millions during his career and has a large NBA pension. He is due to make over $40,000 from an upcoming celebrity boxing match against singer Aaron Carter.

A representative for Odom says that he tried helping Morales get various entertainment ventures, one of which was close to $100,000. However, the woman demanded more money and soured the deals.

Morales alleged in court documents that she can no longer afford her $5,125 monthly rent bill for her 75 West Street apartment in Lower Manhattan. However, records show that she makes enough money via her appearances on “Basketball Wives” to afford her rent.

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