Lana Del Rey Posts New Video Comparing Herself To FKA Twigs

Lana Del Rey Posts New Video Comparing Herself To Black Singer And Dancer FKA Twigs: “When I Get On The Pole People Call Me A Whore, But When Twigs Gets On The Pole It’s Art”

Lana Del Rey made another post addressing the backlash she received, this time comparing herself to another Black singer, FKA Twigs. “When I get on the pole, people call me a whore, but when twigs gets on the pole, it’s art.”

Oh, Lana, the deeper the hole you dig. Early Monday morning, Lana Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, took to Instagram to expound more on her latest controversy. Last week, Rey came under fire after she posted a message online about the issues she faces as a woman in music. In doing so, she brought up several women – predominately women of color – including Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Kehalani and more claiming that they are allowed to express themselves freely in a variety of ways and that she can’t without facing scrutiny. Just like clockwork, Rey’s name started trending on Twitter, with many users calling out her racially tone-deaf and completely inaccurate statements.

This time around, she decided to compare herself to professionally trained singer and pole dancer, FKA Twigs. “Ya know I don’t want to beat a dead horse, and I don’t wanna, you know, go on and on about this post thing. I just want to remind you that in that post, my one and only personal declaration I’ve ever made was about the need for fragility in the feminist movement,” Rey said.

“When I mentioned women who look like me, I didn’t mean white like me. I mean the kind of women who, you know, other people might not believe because they think ‘Oh, well, look at her. She f*ckin deserves it’ or whatever. There’s a lot of people like that, you know,” she said. “You know I just think it’s sad that the women I mentioned about, you know, whether they sing about dancing for money or whatever. The same stuff by the way that I’ve been singing about and chronicling for 13 years, that’s why I’m in that echelon. Yes, they are my friends, and peers are contemporaries. The difference is when I get on a pole, people call me a whore, but when Twigs gets on the pole, it’s art.”

Rey goes on to explain that she believes it was “real bad” that people turned her “advocacy post” into a “race war” and said that she believes in personal reparations for Black people and Native Americans just like former presidential candidate Marianna Williamson. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

She concluded her video post saying, “Nobody gets to tell your story except for you,” adding that she apologizes to the women she mentioned who feel differently than she does, that the controversy that she received over her statements is the reason why she doesn’t speak out and that she is not “the enemy” or “racist” so “don’t get it twisted.” She added that she will continue to tell her story through her upcoming books and that if you don’t like the post, you can “f*ck off.”


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