Las Vegas Uber Driver Beaten by Passengers In Attack Caught On Video

Two young men, who reportedly assaulted an Uber driver after the man declined to give the pair a ride, were arrested by Las Vegas police Tuesday.

The driver, who asked to keep his name anonymous, shared with FOX5 that he picked up the men at an apartment close to the city’s convention center last week and instantly acknowledged something was wrong. 

After noticing the passengers requested one rider through UberPool and the two were minors, he declined their request and asked them to exit the vehicle. 

“When he asked them to leave they started throwing punches at him,” the driver’s son stated to FOX5.

The driver’s son also wanted to keep his name unknown for safety reasons, as he revealed the whole attack left the family “shaken up.”

“It’s definitely brutal,” he shared. “It’s hard to watch because it just makes you wonder how safe the drivers are when they’re driving.”

The driver received a broken cheekbone under his right eye, as reported by his son.

Two juveniles were in custody in relation to the situation, Las Vegas Metro Police shared with FOX5 news on Tuesday. The incident is still under investigation.

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