Lash Technician’s Dog Rips Off Eyelid Of Client Who Was Preparing To Celebrate Her Birthday

Kelsey Salmon wanted to get her eyelashes done for her birthday and was preparing for her long-planned trip to Hawaii, but things took a bad turn when her lash technician’s dog tore off her entire eyelid during the appointment.

According to the New York Post, the 23-year-old booked an appointment with a new technician whose Chihuahua lunged at her in an unprovoked attack. Instead of celebrating in Hawaii, Salmon spent her birthday in bed after surgery to reattach her eyelid.

Photos show the victim’s entire eyelid discarded, including a brand new pair of lash extensions still attached. Other images show her left eyeball completely exposed.

Following the surgery, the sales development representative had to have her eye sewn shut for 10 days and told her that the full healing process could take up to a year.

Salmon made TikTok videos on the incident, calling it the “worst lash experience.” The videos have gone viral, garnering over 8.1 million views combined.

“It took place at the girl’s apartment, and this was the first time I’d ever met her. The living room was empty, aside from a lash bed in the middle of the room.

“I lay down to get started, and I could hear the dog barking in her room. This Chihuahua runs in and jumps up on the bed. I start petting him; everything’s fine.

“Eventually, she’s finished with the lashes, and I sit up. The dog’s sitting on the floor, I look down at him, and he’s just staring at me,” she detailed.

“Then, out of nowhere — it happened so fast that I didn’t have time to pull back — he jumped up, bit me in the face, and broke my eyelid off.

“It happened so fast that at the time, I didn’t know what he’d grabbed. There was blood everywhere, and I was trying to catch the blood, saying, ‘What did he grab?’

“My eyelid was on the floor, and the girl picked it up. I looked at myself in my front camera, and that’s when I started freaking out.

“I’m so lucky he didn’t grab onto my actual eye because that could have been a thousand times worse.

“I was bawling my eyes out; she gave me a dirty blanket off the floor to stop my bleeding. She’s calling the ambulance; I’m calling my mum to meet me at the hospital.

“When I got to the hospital, I ended up waiting for like seven hours. They didn’t have any ocular plastic surgeons at this hospital.

“My paramedics had wrapped up my eyelid in gauze and put it on ice. The nurse felt adamant that nothing could be done.

“I ended up leaving to go to another hospital at 8 p.m., and I didn’t go into surgery until 1 a.m.”

Doctors weren’t sure if her eyelid would take because they had never seen a full eyelid come off.

“I had my surgery on May 29th, and I had a check-up again on June 2nd. My surgeon and all the other doctors were shocked that it was even healing and that it had color.

“It shouldn’t have worked. They were very surprised and glad it worked. They gave me the go-ahead to go to Hawaii.

“But even whilst I was on holiday, I was advised to go see a doctor by my surgeon back home. She thought the eyelid looked super dark.

“This doctor thought I had flesh-eating bacteria, which would be super detrimental. When he saw me, he told me I was fine but put me on an oral antibiotic for seven days just in case.”

Kelsey has since documented her recovery on TikTok after the first video went viral and wants people to learn lessons from her experiences.

“This experience has made me look at dogs differently. I have dogs myself, and I don’t think of them differently because I know they wouldn’t randomly attack me. But everyone else’s dogs, I’m hesitant around. Dogs are very unpredictable, I can see that now, and I’m very careful as a result.”

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