LaTocha Scott Talks Xscape Drama, Claims They 'Never Sit Down And Talk About Things' [Audio]

LaTocha Scott Talks Xscape Drama, Claims They ‘Never Sit Down And Talk About Things’ [Audio]

If you’ve been tuning in to Bravo’s SWV x XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, you’ve likely got a glimpse of some of the drama happening between the ladies of Xscape, more specifically with LaTocha Scott.

Wednesday, Scott joined The Big Tigger Morning Show to give some intel on the group, their new TV series, issues and more.

During her sit down, she addressed the apparent feud that’s been festering since the 90s between her and groupmate Kandi Burruss, which she says stems from a solo deal.

Scott said she expressed interest in doing a solo project. However, Burruss initially advised against it, but shortly after, Burruss released her debut album Hey Kandi in 2000.

“In the beginning, I’ve always said I wanted to do something, she came and was like, ‘oh no, you shouldn’t be able to do that like you’re gonna leave, and you’re not gonna come back’ then she gets the record deal,” Scott said.

Scott’s solo project was pushed to the side under So So Def, which made her suspicious of Burruss and Jermaine Dupri’s relationship. They were partners, and as Scott says, “they was getting it in, they were a couple.”

Scott’s issue with Burruss was first revealed on Sunday’s episode of their reality show. Kandi responded shortly afterward on Twitter, saying, “God’s favor ain’t fair! How did my album have anything to do with her album not coming out?…. I was on Columbia records & she was on SosoDef. Please ask Jermaine why your album didn’t come out & stop blaming me.”

When talking about LaTocha’s Soul Train Awards outfit and her clearly not getting the memo on the dress code, she said it was like many other times and said, “We never sit down and talk about things.”

“If we actually sat down and said what was on our minds, that we really spoke from our hearts – we never did that.”

SWV x XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B premieres on Sundays at 8 pm.

The Invitation: A Conversation With God, LaTocha’s new gospel album, is set to be released on April 7.

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