The Baller Alert Show - Ep. 213: Latto Beef, Foogiano & New Music

The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 213: Latto Beef, Foogiano & New Music

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. Renni Rucci joins Ferrari, Su Solo, BT and OCT to talk about Jalen Hurts, Tyre Nichols, and Baller Mail.

Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.

“Two black quarterbacks, for the first time,” said Ferrari.

“He is so professional and goal-oriented. He motivates the team, and he makes it happen,” said Su Solo.

“In not-so-good news, Tyre Nichols, did you guys see the video,” asked Ferrari.

“They’re saying the motive behind it was one of the cop’s exes worked at the same FedEx that Tyre worked at. Supposedly Tyre was sleeping with Officer Hailey’s ex. If this is true, obviously, it’s premeditated. Again this is all alleged. We don’t know if this is true,” said Su Solo.

“QC causes Offset of breaching legal agreement. According to Radar Online Offset sued quality Control to prevent the record label from receiving revenue for his solo work,” said Ferrari.

“It’s a lot of greed and control,” said Renni Rucci.

Renni Rucci explained that it’s important to look at the view of the label that poured money into the artist’s career.

“That’s somebody who took a chance to invest in you, for you to have this money to have this platform to do whatever it is that you are doing,” said Renni Rucci.

Love Vs. Money

In this segment of Love Vs. Money, the cast discussed take Diggs and Apryl Jones.

“I got to say, love. A lot of people would look at it and say they are so different it gotta be business, but I look at it and say they are so different the only thing that can keep them together is the love, and when you see they’re chemistry when they’re making videos it feels genuine,” said Renni Rucci.

The entire cast agrees that the two love each other.

Renni Rucci

What’s going on with the music?

I just dropped “Texture” and “Keep the change” before that. I’m putting a mixtape out. I’m finishing it up right now. Trying to finish the tape has been the biggest challenge.

What are you doing to heal?

I think I just realized that I need to do something to actually address grieving. Even though I’m the youngest girl, I’m like everybody’s big sister. Then I dove into work, and I didn’t care what it was.

How was it for you being on TV?

I feel like my first season of Love & Hip Hop, I didn’t really show who I was. It was something new to me. I didn’t know how to maneuver the cameras. I ain’t gone lie y’all; I was slick depressed. I was going through a lil funk. A lot of the things I wanted to film, we couldn’t film. The only thing we really got to show was the rough spot me and my mom were in. 

Why are you single?

Let’s talk about this. Everybody swears I cheated on this man. We actually went public new year 2021 on New Year’s. He got locked up in March. That was roughly three months of us together. A couple of months in, it started getting very different. It was a communication thing. I’m not the kind of person to sit on the phone all day. I like to have my me time and sit alone by myself.

It’s not like I’m a regular woman. We’re both in the same industry. The same relationship problems you have with someone who’s free, you have the same problems with someone who’s locked up. He started becoming insecure, and I started becoming insecure. I feel like the biggest reason our relationship needed to be on pause was when my mom passed the compassion and care that I needed from somebody, and I wasn’t getting it. He was in a place where he could only see his problems.

Is there any beef with Latto?

No, even when I responded with the diss, I’m a rapper. That’s what I was supposed to do. 

Could there be any kind of communication in the future?

I don’t know. Whatever happens, happens. The fans play a big part in all of this. In my real world, that doesn’t affect my real world.

 Baller Mail

Dear Baller Alert,

I had my first official date from heaven and hell. It started off different than normal, a one-night stand. We agreed that it shouldn’t have happened because we weren’t together, and I know his ex, but the physical part just kept happening. We agreed that after the 8th or 9th encounter, we would try a date night situation and after, everything I expected to happen happened. He was just so ghetto with no manners. I can’t even imagine how we got here. Here’s my issue. His sex is everything but I simply can not be with this man in public. How do I get out of this and over this?

“Honestly, we don’t owe nobody a lie,” said Renni Rucci.

“Honestly, it sounds like they just need to be sneaky links,” said Ferrari.


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